ISO Certified
QSR- 742

5 Axis Milling

Our 5 axis milling department is set up for the most complex of parts to minimize extra operations and maintaining the tightest tolerances possible. With up to 20,000 RPM spindles and pallet changers we can machine everything from Aluminum to Titanium at optimum levels.

Our experience with working with solid models, complex work holding as well as difficult to machine materials with tight tolerance work makes us leaders in multi axis milling.

5 Axis Milling Equipment:

  • Makino 5 Axis MillMatsuura V.Max-800 5 Axis
  • Makino D500 5 Axis
  • Mazak Variaxis-500 5 Axis
  • 2- Mazak Variaxis-630 5 Axis
  • Haas VF-3 with 5 Axis Trunnion