ISO Certified
QSR- 742

Aluminum Vacuum Braze

Aphelion Precision Technologies is very pleased to announce our newest addition to our internal capabilities. As we have continued to grow and diversify we have recently added the capability of Aluminum Vacuum Brazing and Aluminum Heat Treating to compliment the Brazing process. We have added two new ovens one for Brazing and another for heat treat with the option for forced air cool.

Aluminum Vacuum BrazeThe newest capabilities came from our continued support of supplying assemblies and sub assemblies to our customers and some of them needing Vacuum Brazing. In an effort to better control cost, delivery and most importantly quality we decided to bring this important capability in house. Aphelion is always looking to add new value added services by either bringing it in house or partnering with top suppliers that will further strengthen and diversify our company for the future as well as to better support our customers’ needs.