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Company News

American Machinist

We are pleased and honored to announce we recently were named one of the 10 best machine shops in November 2009 issue of American Machine Shops magazine. Read full article here.

SBA Award

Small Business of the year AwardWe are pleased and honored to announce we have recently won the award for the SBA subcontractor of the year region V. We have been nominated in the past so needless to say we as a company are very excited about winning this prestigious award. We would first like to thank Lockheed Martin for nominating us and their continued support of our company. We would also like to thank each of our employees as without their continued effort and hard work none of this would be possible, our suppliers we want to thank who support our needs each day. Lastly we want to thank Northrop Grumman who have nominated us in the past as well and have continued to believe and support us over the many years. Visit site to learn more.

Lockheed Martin Small Business of the Year award 2008

Lockheed Martin AwardWe are pleased to announce we were recognized by Lockheed Martin as Small Business of the year.






New Makino 5 Axis Mill

Makin0 5 AxisWe are pleased to announce our newest 5 Axis Mill. This newest addition is placed in one of our temperature controlled rooms to compliment the extreme accuracy of Makino. The work zone for the D500 is 500 x 450mm. The X-, Y-, and Z-axes provide strokes up to 550 mm, 1000 mm, and 500 mm respectively. Rotary table axes A and C provide rotational motion of +30 to -120 degrees on the A-axis and a full 360 degrees on the C-axis. The D500 is capable of rapid rates up to 50m per minute and is equipped with a 14,000 rpm high power spindle.

New Hardinge RS 42MY Lathe with Live Tooling

Our newest lathe is the Hardinge RS 42MYwith live tooling and Y axis capability. This machine is has 6” chuck, heavy duty linear guide ways, ball screws and axis drive. It also has linear glass scales and is accurate to within .000023 over 6.0” of travel and is also equipped with SP² having the computer map out any error in .000002 increments. This machine is placed in one of our temperature controlled rooms and is ideal for maintaining extremely tight tolerances as well as doing hard turning and hard milling.