ISO Certified
QSR- 742

Our History

1981 - The company was started out by Jane and Michael Black whom are still today the principal owners. Both with engineering backgrounds they started out in Chicago in a 500 sq. ft facility doing design and build for automation equipment as well as contract machining and were known then as Sauk Machine Works.

1987 - The company moved to a 4800 sq. ft. facility in Skokie, IL where they employed 15 people and changed there focus to contract machining.

1994 - Sauk Machine relocated to its current location in Wheeling, IL.  Moving into a 19,500 sq. ft. temperature controlled facility.  Sauk Machine concentrated on difficult to machine materials and close tolerance work and began to establish itself as the go to people for difficult projects from prototypes to production runs.  We took an aggressive approach to continuing to bring on state of the art equipment from turning to milling and eventually EDM while continuing to upgrade the quality department to keep up with the demanding needs from our customers.

Aphelion Precision Technologies2005 - Becoming Aphelion Precision Technologies.  The name changed for us in all actuality in 2004 - The decision to change our name came from current management and how we can better reflect where we are today as a company.  After an extensive expansion we are currently in a 45,000 sq. ft temperature controlled facility.  Aphelion is committed to continuous improvements and growth by thinking outside the box with aggressive individuals, many of which have many years of manufacturing experience and the drive to be the best.