ISO Certified
QSR- 742


Aphelion Precision Technologies is a leader in the aerospace, military, and optics market for difficult to machine components and subassemblies. Our commitment to continued growth, expanded capabilities, and attention to quality and details is what has helped us become a leader in our industry and setting us aside from the rest. We are currently in a 45,000 square ft temperature controlled facility with several rooms having temperature controls maintained to within +/- 1/2 degree Fahrenheit.

Our capabilities include but not limited to milling including several 5 Axis, turning with live tooling, 9 Axis turn/milling, EDM (both wire and conventional), and aluminum vacuum brazing capabilities to name a few while working with some of the most difficult materials and tolerances approaching zero all of these capabilities make us your best resource for all you component and assembly needs.

Our growth has been in part to several factors but none more than by building long term relationships with our customers as well as aligning ourselves and building the same type of relationships with only the best suppliers for outside services and special processes. We have been the go to company for some of the most demanding and difficult projects and in doing so have been nominated several times for Small Business of the Year with SBA by several Prime Contractors, and in May of 2009 we were awarded the SBA Small Business Award for Region 5 as Subcontractor of the Year for 2009.