ISO Certified
QSR- 742

Temperature Controlled Rooms

In our efforts to continue to improve quality and be able to deliver components that tolerances are in or approaching the millionths we have added three enclosed manufacturing rooms that are temperature controlled to within +/- ½° Fahrenheit. Each room has its own HVAC unit as well as having sensors every 12’ to monitor and maintain a constant temperature.

The first room is 1000 sq/ft and consists of Charmille EDM’s both wire and conventional machines, the second room is 1200 sq/ft and has Hardinge Precision Lathes with live tooling, Makino 5 Axis Mill, and Jig Grinding capabilities with additional equipment to be added shortly. The third room has a new Matsuura 24 pallet machine with 5 Axis milling, turning and grinding capabilities. With the addition of these rooms we can insure that the components being manufactured will be of the exact temperature as our Quality Lab to insure no dimensional movement due temperature changes.